Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Go Green with Glamour

So this whole idea about what our carbon foot print on the earth really means for the next generation has become more than just a hip and trendy way to appear to be a concerned citizen of the world, its dire. I myself, having been a pescitarian for the past two years (phew that went fast) and having recently taken the next step to full on vegetarian, am starting in on my cosmetic bag and vanity. What we put on our person is just as important as what we put in our person, and to take it a step further, what we use to stay pretty should not be taking away from what makes our everyday beautiful, mother nature....Because as we ALL know, you only get one mother.

For all my earth and health conscience Mavens this list is for you! Some of my favorite natural go to brands:

1. Korres Natural Products: I may have on occasion mentioned just how much I am OBSESSED with this particular brand. You get the best of both worlds with this one. Not only can you flip the ingredient panel and ACTUALLY know what is in your makeup,skincare,bath product,and hair care (yea they're talented like that) but you can breathe easy knowing that some of the worlds most BRILLIANT (Nobel prize winning) scientist are the creators and minds behind. Its incredibly affordable, effective, and even packaging is recyclable... HELLLLOOOO!

2. Tarte Cosmetics: Cutting edge and fun! Its super consumer friendly, so all my makeup shy Mavens can feel like they're fashion week pros! Get a Dior look w/o the Dior price tag, for all of us who ball on a budget.

3. Urban Decay: I know, some of you are out there scratching your head thinking... WHAT?! Well believe it. This brand that has everything for the modest to the rock star Maven, and its VEGAN! .... whats not to LOVE about that.

Obviously there are many more, but these are my hero 3. All 3 have their own websites and can be found in Sephora, Ulta, Bloomingdales (in NYC), C.O. Bigalow -- etc

Now go forth and be glamorously green, from head to toe! ;)

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